Fitness and personal training

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A fitness and personal training is optimally adapted to your personal training level. In the fitness boot camp in Marbella you will not only receive many important tips about your training, but also about your diet. In today's world, not only mental performance is important, but also physical performance. In a fitness boot camp, you have moderate fitness and personal trainingto disposal. This will help you to reduce your everyday stress and increase your well-being. You will hardly find any other way to put your superfluous kilos on your body. During a boot camp you will be looked after by a fitness trainer. You will be taken care of in the fitness program created especially for you, mountain biking, walking or training in the gym. When training with a fitness expert known from TV, you can be sure that you will be much fitter after your fitness training than before your holiday. A positive side effect is that you get your body in perfect shape. As the fat deposits disappear, more muscles build up. Your trainer will help you with fitness and personal training Always provide important tips about the interactions between mind and body in the most varied training units.

Fitness and personal training in Marbella on 330 sunny days a year

The sun shines in Marbella on 330 days a year, we exercise in the sun, blue sky and with a lot of fun and fimmer.

Costa del Sol and fitness and personal training - yes, that fits

All year round, we offer fitness and personal training in 1: 1, 1: 2 or predominantly in a group, all of our customers return home fitter and stronger, take new exercises, new ideas home and implement them accordingly to stay tuned and to expand on the goals that have been achieved.

Those who are 'bored' at home then have the online fitness and personal training from head coach Frank 'Franco' Wierigs