Franco (head coach)

Frank 'Franco' Wierigs is Mallorca's first address for personal training, now he has also moved to Marbella to make his customers fit.
Franco knows what his customers want and he and his customers pursue these goals during their stay in Marbella.

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Whether muscle toning, losing weight, getting back on the move, strength training or getting fit again.
"just" enjoying a mix of sun, sport, fun and coaching. You can have it at any time on the Andalusian Costa del Sol, we are happy to be there for you personally so that we can achieve your goals together.


Here 24 hours a day

Get in direct contact with Franco (known from TV (- Goodbye Germany, red, taff and WDR -) and talk to him about sports topics that you have always been interested in.
Get in touch and get to know Franco either in Marbella or on Mallorca.


Fitness in Spain - Marbella - with celebrity trainer Franco

Is it time to put your health back in the foreground? Use your next vacation in Spain for this! Train together with Franco in Andalusia - after Mallorca we now rock Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Your personal trainer / head coach Marbella shows you in Marbella.

Why sport is so important for your health and which endurance sport is guaranteed to be the best for you,

how to specifically fight your streaky bacon and how much exercise you need to lose weight in a healthy and structured way,

What to consider after a hard workout

How to defeat the inner bastard in order to achieve your training goals in the long term.

Personal training is suitable for adults of all ages - including seniors.

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Guest column OK Lifestyle Magazin August 2011

On-board magazine Germanwings autumn 2012

several articles in Mallorca Magazin and Mallorca Zeitung 2009 - 2013

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